Norwalk Connecticut Fishing Charter


Folks planning a visit to New York City or southwestern Connecticut might have heard about fishing in Long Island Sound but might not know they can fish the Sound from the Connecticut side if it fits into their travel plans.

South Norwalk is about 11 miles across the sound to the Long Island side. And that 11 miles holds all kinds of fish and all kinds of excitement in catching them on light tackle–Capt. Sal Tardella’s specialty. When fish are hanging around the Norwalk Islands, Tardella stays close to shore, and when they’ve set up shop in the middle of the Sound, that’s where he takes his clients. If necessary, he’ll take the trip all the way to the other side, too.

In early spring fishermen can expect small-size striped bass; then with the approach of early summer, schools of bluefish begin to appear in great numbers. Summer brings larger stripers, larger blues, and various size fluke, porgies, sea bass, and weakfish.

The bait and lures depend on the specie My Bonnie is targeting. Captain Tardella uses artificial lures and plastic bait as well as live sand worms–along with squid and clam bellies and bunker chunks to attract the particular Long Island Sound family of fish that’s moving through the territory on the day he’s out with clients.

No need to bring any bait or tackle aboard; no need for a fishing license. The captain is fully licensed to fish on both sides of L.I. Sound, and he’ll take his passengers wherever necessary to show them a good time.