AUGUST 13 2018

Rain, rain and more rain.

We managed to slip in one trip yesterday and caught the usual crop of porgies and small sea bass, etc.  Again, no bluefish around our part of the Sound; hard to understand this situation, but we’re still hoping they’ll arrive along with the big striped bass in a few weeks.  We’re not alone with this dilemma; all the other local boats are dealing with the same scenario.

AUGUST 8 2018

We’ve fished several times since our last report, and the results for each trip were quite similar.  PORGIES.  Lots of porgies.  Of course, we got some small sea bass and fluke, but no bluefish–which is very unusual for this time of year.

Striped bass can be caught at night–and a few schoolies in the early morning.

JULY 20 2018

We fished on Thursday with co-workers Blake Paris and Lance Wika of Stamford, along with Norwalk residents Lindsay Merchant Henke,  Adam Henke, and Akshar Crupta.  We were busy for six hours bringing in porgies, fluke (including a keeper dropped at the boat,) some sea bass and  sea robins.  Sixteen porgies were kept for a barbecue dinner. 

On Friday we went out  with Patrick Gillespie, his brother, Ed, and nephew Daniel–along with Pat and Ed’s mom, who lives in Eastchester NY.  They caught lots of porgies, some fluke, and a sand shark–a special treat for Daniel, who’s a novice angler.  He’s shown below, holding a nice porgy.

JULY 18 2018

Today was cool and windy, but we left the dock at 8:30am with Dr Steve Eliot of Weston and his friend, Ben Cohen–entertaining his grandchildren, Josh and Ethan, visiting from Costa Rica.  They hauled in porgies nonstop and kept six for their evening barbecue.

JULY 15 2018

Although the weather reports were less than ideal, we sailed with Myles Wolfe and his young family at 10am.  The thunder storm never arrived, and although it was a bit windy and cool, the family brought in a passel of porgies and took home lots of fish for a family barbecue.

JULY 14 2018

Today’s results were better than we’d seen for the past several trips. We sailed in the morning with Chris Skoczen of Fairfield CT and his sons, Luke and Ben.  They caught a mess of porgies, two fluke,  and sea robins.  All the fish were released.

JULY 11 2018

We’ve been out a few times since our last report. The weather’s been fairly good, but the fishing is fair to middlin’. Some porgies and sea bass, the occasional keeper fluke, schoolie striper, and the always-reliable sea robins.

JULY 4 2018

Happy Birthday, America!  We love you.

It’s the 4th of July and very hot and muggy, as one might expect.

We went out at 8am with Tom Gardiner and his guests from upstate New York.  There was no wind at all, and everyone was a bit uncomfortable–even close to sea sick–but they brought in porgies, fluke, sea robins–all in all 50 fish, keeping 20 for their July 4th celebration barbecue.



JULY 2 2018

We had a very hot and very slow day on Sunday, but our passengers caught fluke, sea bass, porgies and sea robins.

Today we had aboard Gary Mergian and his son, Alex, residents of New Canaan.  They had a great morning catching fluke and porgies, along with sea robins.

JUNE 24 2018

We sailed today 7:30am, and it was a disappointing start.  But we moved to the middle of the Sound where our Darien clients, Ted Rykowski, Kevin Buckley, Zeke Adkens and Chris (surname unknown) brought in bluefish up to 12 pounds, as well as porgies and lots of sea robins.