JUNE 19 2018

The fish are still quite fickle for time of the year. 

Yesterday’s weather and tides were favorable when we left the dock at 7:30am.  Aboard My Bonnie  were Pound Ridge NY residents, Robert Lichtenberger Jr. and his sons, Robert III, and Matthew–as well as his dad, Robert Lichtenberger I, visiting from Arizona.  Everyone caught porgies, as well as short sea bass and fluke.

JUNE 16 2018

Today’s trip was a bit disappointing.  Although the weather was cooperative, all we managed to catch were half a dozen sea bass, five fluke–all shorts–and a few porgies and sea robins.  No rhyme nor reason as to why the fish disappear one day and return the next.  Maybe tomorrow’s trip will be more productive….

JUNE 10 2018

Sunday morning was a bit damp and chilly, but we sailed at 7am with Drago Dentche of Norwalk, his son, Ryan, and Ryan’s friends Matt Hidy and Sean Lee of Stamford.  They caught 25 fish including sea bass (kept four,) a few porgies and one short fluke.

JUNE 8 2018

We fished early today with Hout Ly of Darien and his brother Tony, a Boston resident, and their dad, Seng Ly from Portsmouth,  New Hampshire.

The conditions were perfect, and everyone caught sea bass, porgies, striped bass, and bluefish–many keepers among them.

JUNE 6 2018

Our boat sat at the marina several days because of poor weather, but we got out this morning with Jerry Hunt of Norwalk and four of his fishing buddies–John, Paulie, Dave, and Randy–all  CT residents.  They brought in large sea bass, fluke, porgies and a ton of sea robins.  Most of the fish were filleted and taken home for dinner.

MAY 11 2018

My Bonnie had her  2018 maiden voyage this morning, and the results were less than spectacular.  Aboard were Chris Alvanos of Stamford CT, along with Pennsylvania residents, Jon Alvanos, Pat Lilly, Dave Iaboni and Sean Dunn.  We were dealing with low tides throughout most of the trip, but we managed to bring in some striped bass and fluke–working very hard for each fish. 

Obviously, the long, long and cold, cold winter has had a negative effect on our local waters, and we’ll need a few more weeks of spring weather to go by before we begin to see a significant body of bait attracting game fish to Long Island Sound. 

APRIL 20 2018

We’ll be heading back to Connecticut next week, hoping to launch our boat the week after that, and starting our charters on May 12.  It was great to escape the very cold and wet winter in the northeast, but we’re looking forward to working L.I. Sound after five months on the San Sebastian and Indian Rivers–a totally different fishing experience.


Our final trip of the FL season was today, April 4, with the Conte family of Palm Bay—James and Stacey, and their 16-year-old son, Zack.  They enjoyed a pleasant trip, catching sail cats, crevalle jacks, and a Spanish mackerel.

We’ll be pulling the boat in two days and heading north at the end of the month.  Our L.I. Sound charters will begin sometime in May.

MARCH 30 2018

We went out on Friday morning with Chris Lensch of Traverse City, Michigan, and his 16-year-old son, Olan.  They brought in crevalle jacks and a couple of sail catfish.  They also had a surprise view of a fast-climbing rocket launched from the Kennedy Space Center as it moved higher and higher over the Treasure Coast.