The winds were pumping up to 35mph when we left the dock on Friday morning with Wilton residents, John Goth and Steve Tafuro. 

We had to hug the shoreline for most of the trip because of the rough water, but John and Steve hooked into porgies, fluke, striped bass, sea bass and bluefish–and the omnipresent sea robins.  They took home some of the bluefish and porgies for a fish barbecue.


We’re still catching large porgies and some nice sea bass.  Weather’s been iffy over the past week, but we’re going out this weekend to check out reports of bluefish returning to our area.

Note: Our marina dredging project will begin in late October, and we’ll be pulling My Bonnie out of the water in a few weeks. Please watch these reports for exact dates.

SEPT 8 2017

Friday was another windy day, but we sailed at 9:30am with Paul Chen of Darien with his 11-year-old son, Brandon.  Everyone had to hold on to the hand rails throughout the trip, but the father and son caught porgies up to 15″ and took home several for an Asian dinner.


Another day, another trip challenged by high winds and rough water.

Dan Welch of New Canaan brought along his son, Thomas, his daughter, Carolina, and their friend, Lili Shive, for a 7:30am trip.  Although everyone was rocking and rolling for most of the morning, they tallied about 75 fish including porgies up to 15″, many sea bass–and, of course, sea robins galore.  All the fish were released except for three porgies saved for the evening’s dinner.


Another breezy and cool morning on Saturday when we went out with the Zipp family from Fairfield CT–including John and Leah Zipp, and their children, Jake and Lauren. We started porgy fishing mid-Sound, where we had nonstop action–but young Jake was getting sea sick so we moved to shallower water around Westport, where we continues to bring in porgies as well as bluefish and one fluke.



AUGUST 30 2017

We all had a bumpy ride on Wednesday, with one  passenger sufferingaall mal-de-mer, but he was a good trooper and didn’t interfere with the non-stop action throughout the trip.  The group included Jerry Hunt of Norwalk, John Singer and Paul Susko of Fairfield, and Randy DeMaio and Dave O’Hare of Stamford–all returning after their successful trip in July, when they caught mostly bluefish.  This time around the catch included keeper sea bass and loads of porgies up to 15″




AUGUST 27 2017

On Saturday we had some My Bonnie veterans, Bob Hertzel of Westport and his son, Greg, who lives in Boston.  They brought in sea bass up to18″ and porgies up to 17″.

Sunday’s trip was a 16th birthday party for Peter Graham; his guests were Will Kerby, Sean Gifford, Michael Minicus, and Sam Wilson–all of Darien.They brought in tons of porgies up to 15″, sea bass, four short fluke, and many sea robins–tallying around 60 fish in all.

AUGUST 25 2017

Friday morning was breezy and cool.  We went out at mid-morning with Jonathan and Sally Potter and their children, Loren and Robert.  The family brought in lots of porgies up to 14″ and some sea bass; all the fish were released.



AUGUST 22 2017

Our Tuesday trip was a family affair.  Scott Peterson and his brother, Joe, hosted their dad, Gregory Peterson, visiting from Indiana.They had an exciting morning catching porgies and sea bass, with the largest of the bass coming in at 20″.

AUGUST 21 2017

Everyone seemed to be getting ready for a total solar eclipse, but instead of hanging around watching the sky, we went fishing with Jeremy Vest of Larchmont NY and his brother, Jason–visiting from Richmond VA, along with their his dad, Jerry Vest, who lives in Manning SC, and Jason’s brother-in-law, Kelly Ashley, a resident of Alexandria VA.  The group caught dozens of fish, including sea bass, porgies, and, of course, the omnipresent sea robins.  Two dozen of the largest porgies were kept for a family barbecue.